Introduction: Grandpro

Built for Generations!

All over Europe, we are living more outdoors these days. Spending as much time as we can outside gives us a better health and we feel more happier.

To even further extend te possibilities we want to bring our inside living outside. To achieve that, you will need a complete outdoor kitchen in your outdoor living space to make it possible to prepare all your meals outside while socialising with your family and friends.

With the Outdoor Kitchens from Grandpro you can achive just that! We have complete kitchens availlable for you in all sizes, prices and possibilities.

On our kitchens you can prepare your food on the big working space, wash your vegetables before cooking, you can keep your drinks cool and your food fresh in our fridge and prepare all the meals in one of our Barbecues. And during that, you can stay outside with your family and friends to enjoy the days outside even better.

Other recognized top brands represented by The OLD Com are: Grandhall, HEATSTRIP, Camp Chef, Crossray, Le Maître, GrillGrate, Grate Goods, Feuermeister & Buschbeck

Grandhall - Australian BBQ Style

Grandhall Australian BBQ Style, manufacturing high quality barbecues and accessories for over 45 years that make cooking outside even better and easier. The Grandhall brand stands for quality, design & lifestyle and is the European leader in built-in BBQs and complete outdoor kitchens.

HEATSTRIP® - Leading Heating Technology

HEATSTRIP®, the original high-quality patio heater. Effective & energy efficient heating for outdoor and indoor areas with the best design & installation options. Innovative electric infrared radiant heat and gas radiant heat, designed & developed in Australia.

Crossray - The Infrared BBQ

Crossray changes traditional grilling with state-of-the-art infrared technology. With the intensity and quality of charcoal but the convenience & control of gas. A quality outdoor kitchen with even controllable heat, up to 400 degrees.

Camp Chef - The Way To Cook Outdoors

Camp Chef, Leading in outdoor innovations and outdoor possibilities. Camp Chef is the brand for outdoor cooking & cast iron products. With the diversity and multi-functionality of Camp Chef cooking systems, anything is possible, from easy to advanced. Camp Chef is the way to discover the vast possibilities of outdoor cooking.

Le Maître - Multifunctional Luxury

Le Maître, luxury, multifunctionality, quality and convenience. Le Maître was developed for the maximalisation of our minimal leisure time. And how better to do that than with elegant pure corten steel or coated design products. Multifunctional like the Multi-Oven & the Firepit BBQ, Burgundy with oak tables and optional ice cooler.

GrillGrate - The Ultimate Cooking Grid

GrillGrate, BBQ grates which always provide the perfect grill stripes. Grillgrates are made of hard anodised aluminium, increases the surface temperature of your grill by 30 degrees, reduces flames, hot and cold spots and make professional searmarks. GrillGrates are the perfect replacement of old grates & upgrade for your BBQ.

Grate Goods - BBQ Flavors

Grate Goods, BBQ seasonings with a story. Rubs and more from world champion “Whole Hog” BBQ-ers. With over twenty-five years of inspiration and knowledge of barbecue techniques, spice blends and rubs. In production since 2014 with an ever expanding line of sauces, rubs and brine products for the European market.

Buschbeck - The Concrete Fireplace & BBQ

Buschbeck, indestructible German solidity and the only brand in Europe whose fireplaces feature a double-walled construction. Buschbeck concrete garden fireplaces and barbecues are extremely durable and have a fully finished surface that requires no treatment or painting.

FEUERMEISTER® - Premium BBQ Gloves & More

Feuermeister®, high-quality barbecue gloves and premium leather aprons. Feuermeister® has been producing protective gloves for the professional market since 1919 and is an absolute must have for lovers of top of the bill BBQ products! German know how and quality at a competitive price.